A Club for People Living with Early Onset Dementia


If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting Paul's Club, please follow the link below to learn more about our current fundraising campaign. 


Catherine, one of our Member’s spouses, typifies the enormity of what so many of the caregivers are facing:

“The significant devastation of early-onset Alzheimer's is somewhat different from late-onset especially in the area of family finances. Most people, unless touched in some way by this disease have no idea that it involves more than someone losing their keys or glasses. Even my friends are so shocked when I tell them some of the other effects of the disease. This really is the "long goodbye". The sense of hopelessness, isolation and fear of having to resort to welfare is awful.

I think what has been so important for John (who is
58) is that going to Paul's Club has brought him out of his shell and I think he feels more "normal" and is much happier. I would think his participation has even slowed down this devastating disease. I cannot return to work as I would need before and after club care and also care on the other days of the week.

Making sure that there are funds in place for Paul’s Club to continue the outstanding support of our loved ones and providing the spouses with much needed respite is so critical.”

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